Sample Cylinders

The EnPro SCP Floating Piston Sample Cylinder is intended for use in hydrocarbon products sampling and transportation. Suitable for use in ASTM and ISO Standard Practices for Hydrocarbon Sampling.

It is also used for storing and dispensing laboratory Gas Standards.

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The EnPro HSS Series Hand Operated Spot Samplers are designed and constructed to provide industry with a spot sampler or product transfer device that can collect low pressure gas or liquid samples from pipes and vessels.

The 100cc version can be used for sampling of crude oil and injection of water for the ASTM D4177 method.

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The SCA and SCB series sample cylinders provide a range of small cylinders with a choice of materials, configurations and sizes.

Intended for use with aggressive products such as Hydrogen Fluoride. The options offered by this unique design have previously not been available in alloy metals.

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The EnPro LPG Residue Test Cylinder is designed to provide LPG samples that will not leave residues.Internal electropolishing gives a smooth and crevice  free internal finish which ensures that cleaning is effective, as a result of that there is no contamination of subsequent samples.

The cylinder has a cylinder valve with fixed level gauge and dip tube to limit filling to 80%.

A carry handle allows easy transportation.

The bottom protector ring provides easy access to the drain valve.In addition the cylinder can be used as a collection vessel for other hydrocarbon sampling applications including crude oil.

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For sampling, transportation and storage of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and other materials The range of EnPro Standard Sample Cylinders die formed from 316L Stainless Steel provide a safe container.

The cylinders can also be used as snubbers and accumulators.

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The EnPro Sample Cylinder Heated Enclosure series (HE) is designed to provide stable and controllable heating of sample cylinders prior to analysis.

Designed for sample pre-treatment of ASTM D1945 natural gas analysis samples, the HE series can also be used for any analysis where a stable, elevated temperature is required.

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EnPro SCCC Sample Cylinder Carry Case have been developed to ensure that the cylinder(s) and it's attachments are protected during transportation.

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Fiberglass construction with stainless steel hinges and latches.

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The EnPro Liquid Petroleum Gas Sample cylinder has been developed specifically to take samples of LPG from standard LPG vehicle dispensing pumps, at retail bowsers.

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These samplers can be used in Batch or Composite Sampling.

A representative sample can be taken without the need for interfering with the production process and will not contaminate fresh batches with the remains of old samples. The sampler presents a smooth face to inside of the vessel and collects a defined sample size when a signal is sent to the control unit.

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