Odourant Injection

The EnPro OBP Bypass odouriser has been developed to offer a system that gives complete flexibility which can easily be expanded with options, depending on the level of control and reporting required. Or supplied as a simple fixed control system.

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The EnPro ODI odouriser has been developed to offer a base system that can easily be expanded with options depending on the level of control and reporting required.

The basic system offers the following:-

  • PLC based controller
  • Pump panel
  • Odourant Vessel
  • Pipeline dispersion probe

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The EnPro range of Bypass Flow Absorbent Odourisers has been developed to provide gas odourisers for small installations that do not require or cannot justify instrument controlled injection of odourant.

Typical applications where these devices are used are for small/medium LNG regasification facilities.

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The BIP Series of Injection Pumps are displacement pumps used to inject a liquid chemical into a pressurized pipeline. Odorant, acid, methanol and inhibitor chemicals are just a few of the Ò products that can be injected with the BIP Series of pumps. The BIP incorporates a Teflon bellows that separates the chemical being injected from the working side of the pump, as well as from the outside environment. Thus, the hydraulic piston and seals are not subjected to the harsh environments of the chemicals which will in-turn prolong seal life and minimize the downtime needed for repairs. Unwanted leaks, odors and spills are maintained within the bellows, maximizing environmental protection.

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The EnPro CA Series Calibration Tube which can be used as a panel mounted reservoir or vapour elimination tube.

The tube can be provided with a graduated scale so that pumping and drain rates can be checked and calibrated.

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Used for transporting and holding up to 1,272 litres of gas odourant.

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Odourgone is an organo-imino compound that offers significant advantages for the treatment of Hydrogen Sulphide.

It's chemistry specifically targets hydrogen sulphide, organo-sulphur compounds, and mercaptans.

Odourgone quickly and specifically binds up sulphur. This includes stripping sulphur from the poisoned aerobic bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial and have been deactivated by the sulphur bond.  This reaction has shown the benefit of a natural increase of O2 that in turn optimises the bio-chemical balance of the system.

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