Odorant Injection
4P Proportional to Flow board

The  4P timer has the ability to take a digital or analogue signal and convert it to a pulse output to drive solenoids and other electronic pulse driven devices. It can also be used as a timer control instrument.

Since programming is not required, the 4P is extremely simple to use.


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Bellows Injection Pump
Odorant Injection

The BIPSeries of Injection Pumps are displacement pumps used to inject a liquid chemical into a pressurized pipeline. Odorant, acid, methanol and inhibitor chemicals are just a few of the products that can be injected with the BIP Series of pumps. The BIP incorporates a Teflon bellows that separates the chemical being injected from the working side of the pump, as well as from the outside environment. Thus, the hydraulic piston and seals are not subjected to the harsh environments of the chemicals which will in-turn prolong seal life and minimize the downtime needed for repairs. Unwanted leaks, odors and spills are maintained within the bellows, maximizing environmental protection.


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Diffusing Probe
Odorant Injection
  • Prevents wasted odourant
  • Works with small or large volume injectors
  • 900 ANSI working pressure
  • Full and rapid dispersement of odorant
  • Manual and automatic insertion models
  • Designed to rapidly dispense odorant with a limited retention for continuous odorant vaporization between injections

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EnPro CA Calibration Tube
Odorant Injection

The EnPro CA Series Calibration Tube which can be used as a panel mounted reservoir or vapour elimination tube.

The tube can be provided with a graduated scale so that pumping and drain rates can be checked and calibrated.

The borosilicate glass tube is shrouded by protective stainless steel.

By having a glass tube, levels can be easily visibly checked and corrected if required. Excess vapour can be vented.

Tube sizes and lengths are varied depending on the total volume requirement.

Switches can be mounted to give remote level signals.


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EnPro Transportable Odorant Vessel
Odorant Injection

Used for transporting and holding up to 1,272 litres of gas odorant.


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